• Glykolsäure / NEOSTRATA®

Glykolsäure / NEOSTRATA®

– eine der Fruchtsäuren aus Zuckerrohr

NeoStrata System of skin rejuvenation

Natural way to a healthy, smooth and fresh skin by fruit acids


NEOSTRATA is world known brand of cosmetic, which effects are based on fruit acids activity (alpha – hydroxyl acid and ply – hydroxyl acids). The medical effects of fruit acids were first discovered and thoroughly explored by prominent scientists Dr. Eugen Van Scott a Dr. Ruey Yu who led the company NEOSTRATA together with other science workers- chemists, dermatologist and professors of medicine. They are the authors of more than 125 patents. Residence of the company is in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. Today the products Neostrata are recommended by doctors in more than 60 countries of the world.


The company NEOSTRATA prepared a wide gamut of preparations for domestic and professional care about skin. They have different strength, composition and can satisfy needs of all types of skin. They are designed for face and body treatment, for normal as well as sensitive skin. An effect rests on the removal of old and injured skin layers and in support of her new formation. None of NeoStrata products includes colored additives, perfumes and these products weren’t tested on animals.

What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is one of the fruit acids, which is gained from a sugar cane. It helps to release and remove a layer of withered cells and optimize the cell recovery of skin. By its influence, the skin becomes brighter, the pores become smaller and it comes to the raise of hydration and elasticity. When it is used regularly, it comes to the annihilation of wrinkles, extermination of stigmas after acne and removal of unwanted pigmentation. The application of the product that includes glycolic acid is suitable for dry, wrinkly, oily or acne skin.

What is chemical peeling by glycolic acid?

The peeling by glycolic acid is a special effective method of skin rejuvenation professionally made by a doctor. It is a controlled process of the removal of surface skin cells which results in better skin appearance. Solution with a high concentration of glycol acid is applied on the face. After a short time it is chemically neutralised by a special solution and the tretament is finished. The skin is visually smoother, brighter, stronger and healthier. It does not act toxic as it was before in some chemicals ( for e.trichloride acid, phenol, sacilyc acid and so on). Sacilyc acid for example improves acne indications, but it is not famous for her effects on the signs of aging skin. NeoStrata offers standard solutions of concentrated acids, which enable doctors a more specific control and appraisal during treatment.

Can peeling help everyone?

If you want to know, if peeling by glycolic acid is siutable for you or even neccessary, visit a dermatologist and talk to him about your wishes. This is very important, the doctor finds out neccessary information and can decide, if peeling is suitable for you and in how many procedures. Equally he will offer you which products will be the best for your skin.


Indicate a doctor, what results are you expecting after treatment and in what period. Talk to him if the longer period of healing is accepted for you ( more intense tretaments with higher effect are always accompanied with longer peiod of healing, on the other hand less intense outside treatments are accompanied with shorter period of healing but to get requested effect the higher number of them is neccessary.

What improvements can you except after chemical peeling?

With the help of chemical peeling and by a right choice of application for domestic treatment, you will get: brightness of skin- the raise of hydration and elasticity- reducement of pores- extermination of wrinkles- extermination of stigmas after acne- colourful skin consolidation – removal of unwanted pigmentations- removing the signs of aging skin influenced by sunlight so called photoaging.

Your skin will be smooth, healthier and brighter

The suitable application for your skin and the way of treatment will be recommended by your doctor- dermatologist. He will do professional chemical peeling in out patients´ department as well.


You can agree together on everything that will be neccessary to achieve the demanding result and if your expectations are real. Discuss which parts of your body you want to have treated ( face, neck, decolt, back, arms) and how fast the improvements should happen.

How many pelling´s procedures do you need to take?

It is very individual. It depends on the skin condition and her reactions on individual procedures. Usually 4-6 procedures are recommended in a range 4-6 weks. Than the programm is recommneded to be kept.

How will skin look like right after peeling?

If you have an outside peeling, the skin will be pink or red and it will be slightly peeling off. This can be hidden by make up. After slightly deep peling the skin can be red 14 days and the peeling will be more expressive. Swelling or an outside crust can appear. You need to talk which degree of treatment is good for you and in what time you can get back to your daily duties. ( on second day, in few days).

What mustn´t be done before peeling treatment:

Depilatory and epilation. Cosmetic masks applied on the face. Other types of chemical peelings or dermabrasion. Hair dying by chemical products, permanent wave. Local products´ application that include acid derivatives of vitamin a Use of isotretinoin (Roaccutane)- the therapy needs to be finished 6 months before peeling application.

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